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Still Life By The Sea

42″x57″ Oil on Canvas, 1998.

The Eve of Temptation

The Eve of Temptation
 132″ x 90″, oil on canvas, 1996. 

Caffe’ On the Piazza

36″x66″ Oil on Canvas, 1998.

Caffe’ On The Piazza II

36″x66″ Oil on Canvas, 1998.

Caffe’ on the Piazza III

36″x66″ Oil on Canvas 1998.

Blue Gaze
66″ x 54″, oil on canvas, 2006

Acrobats at Rest
 36″ x 36″, Oil on Canvas, 1995.

The Rower
48″ x 48″, Oil on Canvas, 2007.

Blooming 2
49″ x 39″, oil on canvas, 2010