Mixed Media Resins


​​Mixed Media resin, ink, photography and often gold and silver leafing, produce a unique vehicle to capture light and depth.

Eric Zener has been creating resins at Trillium Graphics since 1996

Trillium Graphics has been doing traditional lithography since 1979, joining the postwar hand printing revival. Since then Trillium has been serving the fine art community as producers and publishers of limited edition fine art prints.

After the passing of Trillium’s core team, they closed their doors after decades of printmaking with notable American artists. A scarce amount of work remains.


Through the founders’ generosity, a number of resins were left to Eric. They are the last of their kind as the technical means by which they were produced is no longer in existence. These pieces are for sale through the studio and we’ve included a small sampling of images below.  
Please know that due to the nature of the materials of the mixed media resins, their beauty and depth are very difficult to capture in photography, especially when publishing on our website.
If you would like to see a catalog of additional pieces and pricing in the collection, please email “info@ericzenerprints.com”. If there are particular pieces you’re interested in, we can then share a brief video of those pieces.